father's day

for my father

who can wear a
chemical suit for
3 months straight
in the desert

who inspires me
to write everyday

to tell the story as it is

the most honest
loyal and creative man
i shall ever know

he ain't no

my father's life is one
big adventure

and i'm so damn lucky
that he has always
brought us along
for the ride.

love you.

the day is yours
patrick doyle


by land by air by sea said...


for dads


LaurenC said...

Love. Remember our writing assignments in Bali (in between chasing chickens)? You would write, I would chase chickens and dad would review.

Anonymous said...

You can have a little bit of chocolate today and enjoy. Gina

Cerré said...


we have to be honest here. Tears were often shed during the review and editing process. well, at least on my end. I'm so damn stubborn.

the obsessive imagist said...

What a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could meet your Dad. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike is one of the few people I know who loves what he does..... and excels at it. Never a dull moment around him....send him my love...

PS: Love the picture on the beach :-)

Lindsay said...

wow, great pics of your dad.

Charlotta Ward said...

Wow! What a man!
Dads rock!

x Charlotta