is the title of
my first little book

going down to
georgia today

where i will
go swimming and
hang out with my
rad grandmother.

morning grits
with lots & lots
of cheese is the
absolute best.

for the hot weather,
i've got my eyes on this
isabel marant bikini
and rachel comey



jokemijn said...

is it a book you made? or wrote? It has a beautiful cover, makes me curious.

H H A L F said...

Congrats on the book. I can't wait to see it! I'm sure it's beautiful, of course.

Unknown said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
Looks intriguing... what's inside?

A nice little get-away coming-up...
Loving family...food you Love and
If the wardrobe is any indication... you are in for a very lovely time. E N J O Y !

sunkentreasure said...

ah this looks great! i LOVE those sandals you own

nik said...

really? you made a book? what do you have in it? that's great. i'll definitely read it!
when is it out in stores?


Jillian Hobbs said...

quite jealous of the isabel marant! lovely lovely! and mozart is a fantastic little book!
will miss you terribly!
have a lovely trip

Hannah Stephenson said...

Excellent blog. I think you have killer timing (established with the linear design).

As a poet, I, too, am interested in the book...

Make it Easy said...

those sandals and wrapped book...very nice!!!

Unknown said...

Handmade book? great words a petit plaisir merci x

Ms. Rachel said...

I actually took a bookmaking class last semester and fell in love. Now I'm making books like crazy! You're is just lovely. Congrats.


Liv said...

I love the sandals!!! Finally it's warm enough in Sweden to skip the boots.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Is the book for sale anywhere?
love the bikini :)

YHBHS said...

congrats on the book! when do we get a peak inside?

Drapery Los Angeles said...

Wow... Looks incredible, congrats on finishing this. Nice work!

Bunny Byrne said...

Girl, it is nice and warm down here in GA - and we're glad to have you! Love the blog!

LaurenC said...

SOOOOO wishing to be with you, GG, JJ and CC. Drinking sweet tea and munching Deb's fried chicken. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Have fun.
Your blog is lovely


Bonito said...

Lee: Wow!
Mozart is the title and you a clever young woman.