i wanted to put my
camera down and dance.
the prints & patterns
declared fela was
in the house!

fashion people
at fashion events
are so tense.

what's with
the death stares?

my camera and i
aimed to smile
at everyone

loosen up
the crowd
a bit

people smile
when you smile.
it's incredible.

ph: cerré


Anonymous said...

I used to have a panne velvet dress just like the one in the first shot!

And yes! What is soooooo serious about FASHION! I mean REALLY!

XXOO Lynnda

Jillian Hobbs said...

so gorgeous! Im super scared of colours and patterns but I really enjoy these, especially the first set of pants w/ the red/blue waves to them! And now that you mention it I def see the Fela Kuti vibe oh yeahh...

haha and yes the atmosphere at most shows is super tense haha not sure why

abba sillar said...

I am astonished

Bijou's Style said...

what a great collection



gi. said...

so good

marie said...

and good on you for smiling at the serious fashion people -)

DM said...

i'm so in love with suno. so refreshing.

'tis true, the fashion crowd can melt you with a look.

Belle Armed said...

Colour frightens me, I can't seem to pull it off. But this looks really good.

caramimi said...

wonderful, exuberant post! i love this label, finally getting a nice look at this latest collection. you're spot on about the crowd. i attended a very whimsical art opening, upon my first nyc trip, and everyone was glaring, tight-lipped at each other. the self-importance was killing me. i later overheard someone who attended saying how much "fun" the opening was. wtf?!

caroline said...

the top photo of the velvet dress with beaded necklace might be my favorite photo of all fashion week. ps: when you posted that photo of shalom and amber on nov 4, you seemed to predict half the looks this season.

nik said...

yah unfortunately, people in the fashion industry are sometimes stony. i've dealt with it myself. i guess people are scared to reveal their true selves with a smile. but i always have to smile first too!

.girl ferment. said...

ohh those patterns