band of outsiders

last night we were
a band of outsiders

i keep just 2 or 3
f designers in my pocket.
band is one of them

f 10

there's nothing better
than listening to the dark side
while photographing this cuffed
sack dress, black spiked oxfords
and paisley wrapped skirts.

i'm such a boy.

ph: cerré


Unknown said...

oh so am i!

stuff sonia love said...

i love the line
didn't know they did women
awesome post!

Jillian Hobbs said...

getting ready to write my post of their show as well, amazing photographs!!
I am so happy you took me thank you times a ZILLION

amazing just amazing
great post, very informative!
enjoy your weekend and happy valentines day my love!

LaurenC said...

Wish I was there. Congrats Nicole!

MELI. said...

i heart that squared-shape dress :D

Siru said...

Such a lovely photos! The collection looks dazzling.

juliet xxx

threebyone said...

Great Blog

Mabel and Zora said...

Great blog.

Unknown said...

Fun seeing you! Your blog is rad.

new york shopping said...

The line is pure elegant and really sexy. You guess you don't see! I love it!