the front door garden

Tokyo Plant Pots 194 東京植木鉢 by tsuyatsuya.

Tokyo Plant Pots 192 東京植木鉢 by tsuyatsuya.

a publicly appealing way to use
every inch of urban space
in tokyo, japan

Tokyo Plant Pots 189  東京植木鉢 by tsuyatsuya.

Tokyo Plant Pots 089  東京植木鉢 by tsuyatsuya.

well, just as long as you tend to your pots

via gota

ph: tsuyatsuya


miss milki said...

Beautiful and inspiring. I need to get some plants!

Chelsea said...

I love their front doors and potted plants- not quite like an American porch thats for sure!

Unknown said...

Front door gardens were my favourite thing about Japan. All those little houses spilling foliage onto the footpath.

Jim said...

When I was in Japan it was late october and I happened to be in Nikko one day for their chrysanthemum festival. Just like your lovely posting there were plants set outside EVERYWHERE.
What got me the most were the single-stem six-footers. So much work for just one blossom.
SO japanese.

LettertoJane said...

As much as I'd love to, I will never be that organized.

Anonymous said...

I love this when I visited Tokyo a couple of years ago, so beautiful!!

Make it Easy said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful

pam said...

I am thrilled to see this post! We live in an apartment, and our entire garden lives in containers - over 100 of them! I love how the containers in the photos have been arranged and planted. Thank you so much.

I have just recently found your blog and I just LOVE it!

Unknown said...

nothing reminds me of Japan more than these photos do!

alida said...

For me, it is one of the things that stands out most about personal space and design in Japan. I am in Tokyo now and have been taking many pictures of these gardens myself. I now plan to start a garden of my own when I get back to the states. Thanks for the post!

Vane Vane said...

mee encantan tus plantas

TsuyaTsuya Nemury said...

Thanks for introducing my photo works "the Tokyo Plant Pots" to everyone!!!