bone and warm tones

ted muehling apt
and georgia okeeffe's studio



natural selection

more okeeffe
more muehling

ps: the only necklace I
wear is a muehling

minimal and thorny


Anonymous said...


I was thinking of your blog last night! I saw the movie Interiors by Woody Allen - and the aesthetics of the film reminded me very much of the aesthetic you present.
(Although - the story is nothing like your very uplifting and inspiring blog!!! :) )

I was just wondering if you have seen it? and if not - I recommend it.

Have a good weekend - I love your blog!

- Stephanie

Lark said...

I love the combination of white and wood with some creamy tones in the photos. Absolutely beautiful! and thank you for sharing these images.

Luna PT said...

You have a wonderful blog. I come here almost everyday! It's an addiction...


C. Smith said...

i love it too!! this is exactly as i remember your brooklyn apartment: neutrals, whites, bones and woods. hope to see you in SF soon. XX

Anonymous said...

Love the necklace....it sort of reminds me of "jacks"...did you ever play jacks? xxooLynnda

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love her studio, wish I could keep mine as clean and beautiful as that! XF