the selby shop at colette

I don't know,
there's something
about the circus.

the tents
the flags
the acts

the circus is a
traveling space of
everything we

love, hate & fear

photo © michelle avendaño


melinda said...

that necklace is amazing

A chicette in Paris said...

Just discovered your blog, love all the images!!

Kisses from Paris!



Anonymous said...

the necklace is pretty cool...i actually fear the circus...

LettertoJane said...

I love the first pic, it makes me miss the days when life was represented in a colors such as that.

gracia said...

How simple and charming that necklace is... and, yes, there is something about the circus, isn't there? Something you can't quite put your finger on.

Anonymous said...

I love the circus, I think mostly for the dreams, for the spectacular, for the grime and life of the circus people.
I wish I could have joined the circus in the early 1900's...

Lynne said...

Love those circus photos - brilliant. Have you seen these circus invitations - I just adored them: