one thousand and one nights

if you lived here,
what would your name be?

what book
would you be reading?

and what smells would
you be smelling?

les indiennes


Le Bouton said...

cedar, camphor, pine tar, bitter lime, rose.
such beautiful textiles. i WILL make something with that cloth someday!

Le Bouton said...

oh, and reading war and peace.

Glass Delusion said...

birch wood.

Anonymous said...

some book by aldous huxley and some poetry by nancy cunard.
the smell of roses.

(wow...great questions...thank you...i do think "les indiennes" prompts such things...)

Paula Queiroz said...

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Jessica Ferri said...

i think

letters of jessica mitford.
burning logs.

Jana FitzGerald said...

my name would have to be Ginevra.
Henry James or a beautiful, big photo book of baroque churches. however, something about these images make me want to read passage to india.
everything would smell clean, with a hint of tuberose.

Ria said...

A.A. Gills, Previous Convictions (He cracks me up).

Anonymous said...


nikkole! said...

book:: don quixote
smelling:: my lover of course

Janet said...

A.S. Byatt
sandalwood and a hint of jasmine

Stephanie said...

Mmmm... Those photos smell of leather, clean line-dried linen, and floor polish.

A Baroness von Somethinghousen lives there.

She flips through old atlases.

Manue said...

Le rouge et le noir de Stendhal

virginia said...

my name would be colette odile, and i would be reading the story of bluebeard.

tea and orange marmalade smells would mingle with the fragrance of just picked lilies of the valley, and pipe tobacco.

Veronika said...


Maly Otek or One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Prague, it smells like history.

(I am related to the man that the story Bluebeard was about, creepy huh!)

Anonymous said...

the bhagavad gita.
roast chicken and candle wax and sage.

Lu said...

Stephanie's post is perfect!

Here's mine:

Name: Harry Crosby
Reading: Ulysses
Smelling: Caresse

Jim said...

I don't know what my name would be but it would contain LOTS of vowels...