and stark

via lark

ph: Kim Høltermand
Grundtvigs Church copenhagen

ps: i went to catholic
school for 8 years.
let me emphasize
8 years.

i think about my cold legs
the goosebumps on my arms
and the epic boredom of
sitting in mass.

and then I
to a high school school
where students didn't
always wear shoes
and refused to
sit in desks.

...and i also found that weird.

left, right and
how do you balance
life's extremes?


melinda said...

these photos are stunning. i'm especially drawn to the third one down, the simplicity is exquisite.

Nazara said...

what a beautiful architecture. we must learn from the past.

Lark said...

I went to catholic school as well, but only for 4 years. The school uniform was my favorite part of my memory. Then I had to move to a new city, a new life style. It was an interesting experience for me.

Thanks for the link, again.

porter hovey said...

I don't really think there's a ever a balance . . . it's high school. Uggg. What beautiful, beautiful images. Always perfect.

Anonymous said...

great post!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :)

Unknown said...

What I have found:
I think the very act of recognizing that a given view or reality is extreme brings you closer to your own place in the center range. It keeps you from being subsumed by that view or reality, gives you that little sense of balance. The next step after this recognition is to continue to seek out views and alternate realities so that the positions of the ones you have already been exposed to shift, however slightly...The balancing act is an essential part of a well-lived life, and is ideally on-going.

Anonymous said...

one does not balance life's extremes--you balance your own self to contend with the vagaries of experience. "Life" does not have parameters that indicate "extremes". Life is--simultaneous and unbound.

nikkole! said...

rejoice in the experience had....

amazing amazing images!

Anonymous said...

you're not coming back, are you....

Anonymous said...

(just like the lady in the red dress!)

liz song mandell said...

these images are beautiful...and the lighting is remarkable. thanks for sharing.