and ode to

our 1984 volvo
which just hit 200,000 miles.
it is as old as I am.
we call it

"the gray whale"

naturally, we celebrated
this grand occasion on the open road
with the Mexican horn my father had embedded
in the engine back in '94...it still makes
mechanics laugh out loud.

it can be heard
for miles!

it resides in mexico now
and drives best to the rolling stones


abigail said...

my first car was a gold 1979 volvo station wagon. It got to 220,000 miles and met with an untimely end.
I still miss that car.

GCerre said...

The grey whale brought you home from the hospital and has been a member of the family. Keep listening for the cucaracha horn somewhere on the desert horizon.

Anonymous said...

I want you to travel all over the world and sent back posts and comments...I love your take on things and love getting to know you better through your sense of humor and insight! xxooLynnda ps.I also remember the grey whale and miss my rides into the city with your mom! xxoo

Anonymous said...

love the vehicle! ;)

YHBHS said...

your pics are making me jealous. i love the feel of thed open dusty road, nothing much to care about except the immediate.

baja is such an amazing place to explore i took my car there five years ago and got lost on dirt roads for six hours, sharing a sex pack of beer in the hot desert sun. it was amazing!

these posts make me miss my 1990 subaru wagon, that i turned in last year. i took some great road trips with her!

Le Bouton said...

ode to the grey whale.
I had a great old saab turbo 900. When i bought it, The Wall was stuck in the tape deck. It was fantastic. However, I seem to run best to the stones.

Anonymous said...

Viva the volvo.

Anonymous said...

The car I learned to drive with was a volvo when it met it's ultimate end it had 420,000 miles on it! My first car was also a volvo and when I sold it it had 320,000 miles on it! Those cars are amazing, even Click and Clack love them. You're post made me very nostalgic!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Your old Volvo brings back the nostalgia in all of us, it seems! We're currently resurrecting my "Moby", a great (albeit blue) whale of an '85 wagon.