in baja,
it all about neutrals
and limitless, empty coast lines.

the whales are here.


YHBHS said...

every day i get more jealous of your trip :)

so nice to enjoy the quiet and beauty of your posts..... baja is such a magical place to visit.

all the best!

Diana said...

i love the minimalism of your blog. and those photos! i am a sucker for clean and simple.

Anonymous said...

So glad you three had a magical visit to your Mexican hideaway! Your photos are serene and
beautiful. also a few weeks ago you were wondering about taking $ for ads on the blog. How
ironic that a certain mag. shuts down because of poor ad revenue and advertisers are knocking on your door. I say go for it !
xo, Jody

Jeannie said...

you picked a beautiful place for a vacation i'm super jealous and more and more curious everyday!

emily said...

three words: posada la poza

i love that beach. one of my favorites, of all.

isla san francisco
the sea lions at los islotes
the writer

.....yes, please.

is it possible to send photos on this here contraption? it would be fun to share one or two.