African Haute Couture

A couple of months ago
I did a post on my friend's sister
Adama Kai, who decided to pack
up her Parson's sewing box and
move back to Sierra Leone
to launch her 1st line.


Reuters just picked
up her story.

Adama's decision to return
home and contribute to
the economic-cultural
revitalization of
Sierra Leone

...is high culture.

17 Pademba Road
Freetown, Sierra Leone
232 33 306111



Good idea!!!

honeydonthink said...

she is immensely talented - i think what she's doing is great and she will be successful in fulfilling her dreams. great post!

ola said...

I see a great potential in using the african patterns. I myself used them now quite often and each time people are surprised by their beauty used in patterns that are then more european. I checked the info you offered and I am really impressed by that young woman so much in her dream; and it is crazy to have a phone number to call her even, maybe I should do...

K said...

How fantastic. Big props to her! And that model is beyond gorgeous.

Kelly said...

gorgeous patterns
gorgeous colors
gorgeous girls

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, that's amazing! thanks for the post. and that model is STUNNING.

nativekee said...

so much gorgeousness!