Aschobi Designs
Freetown, Sierra Leone
by Adama Kai

So it's fashion week here in NYC,
and then it will be in London, in Paris
and then in Milan...so on so on.
But what about, Sierra Leone?

I once met a girl in Paris,
her name was Connie.

We both live in NYC now
and Connie is still my dearest of friends.
Her sister, Adama, is the designer of the fashion above.
What I love most about Adama's striking designs,
is in fact, the cultural and emotional
undertones of her fashion label.

Adama could have easily
opened shop in NYC or Paris,
however, she has recently decided
to move her company back home
to Sierra Leone.

...and I find that super cool
as a side note, the top photo makes
me think of John Patrick Organic.

is so good.


(photo credit: Vickie Remeo-Doherty)


Anonymous said...

Beauty and soul! Lovely photographs. GC

CK said...

Lee, I think the post is marvelous. It's a running commentary on what design can be outside of the fashion capitals. Adama is both culturally progressive as well as daring and I think that's what defines her work. She pays homage to our African identity.

ola said...

I imagine a city full of
people painting their faces
in patterns imitating
the westafrican beauties

Anonymous said...

These have to be the most beautiful photographs I've seen on your site and that's saying a lot! I check your website daily to get inspiration for my future home. You give me not only beautiful things and people to look at, but also countries and cultures to think about.

Thank you. Breathtaking.


Anonymous said...

Love these fabrics...they look as if they have been applied to the skin. LB

xola loves... said...

beautiful. i've always wanted a pair of those earrings.

honeydonthink said...

breathtaking designs! the blend of beauty from two worlds hints at all that is possible. the fabrics, the fit and the concepts are all remarkable.

Jen said...

just simply stunning

design dna said...

i am DYING to get my hands on some traditional african fabrics. i have been working hard on leads. aren't they beautiful? i just love it.