forget the container store,
all i need is my nylon
chinatown bags

I lug these
all over nyc.

they're so handy and cool
that I even have them sitting out
in overhead storage.

i'm digging the
plaid applied
to chairs!

Paola Navone
has done it again.

way more fun than the
eames shell chair.


Jay Wen said...

Ha, I have some in my basement. They are very sturdy but reinventing a use for them for chairs is kind of awesome too.

Anonymous said...

really nice! GC

Inventa said...


Anonymous said...

i saw them in London and loved them.

skippysays said...

These are awesome! I <3 plaid

thecityfolklore said...

These are the coolest chairs eveeer

Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish I could be wondering around NYC myself and spotting such wonderful & creative items.

~Mary Rose

Justine said...

These are so great and I love your blog