happy endings



matthew cusick

i've had the
urge to stick a
vintage flower
on everything
i make.

on something
that is very pure
and minimal

to make
it explode and
bloom like a flower
...like the virgin
de guadalupe

it makes me
think of my youth
and going to the sticker
store on pine street

I remember having an
incredible collection
of flower stickers.

i refused to use them.
i would just browse through
them daily and fight the constant
urge in my body to rip off the
back and stick it!

i was quite
a restrained child.

i still am.

once and a while
I have to tell myself to let go
of something precious

put it to use

that I guard and suffocate
with the routine glance of the eye;
the brush of a finger

there's nothing
worse than curating
objects like they're
in a museum.

I'm guilty
as charged


anna said...

beautiful images.

Mayo said...

I still have thousands of beautiful stickers that I keep tucked away in my drawer. Someday...

elena nuez said...


E. said...

I recognize that. I used to 'save' the things I cherished. I still do at times.

x E.

David Neale said...

To consume or conserve!
Reminds me of this:
href="http://www.online literature.com/wellshg/2882/"

Denise said...

Fly ... be free

Elizabeth Rachael said...

This is so inspiring


Courtney said...

these are awesome. i especially love the second image.
i've got stickers i've never used.

Bo said...

His map paintings are so beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing, now I have a new favourite artist to add to my list.

Kerri said...

wasn't that store magical? each sticker held the promise of a beautiful letter, or special package, or a birthday surprise. I still love going there. :)

Brandy Shaloo said...

really cool pictures, I like them

Unknown said...

Now, this I adore. I love how he has taken two very contrasting types of imagery, the flowers being feminine & the cars being masculine and then combining them both to compliment each other giving it quite an interesting effect.


Anonymous said...

i know! wtf...wear your best shoes to the beach!
xoxo Lynnda b

Tiffany D'Souza said...

These are simply beautiful! I still have stickers stored away. There is something so magical about finding them years later and flipping through the collections. It's like a collection of vintage.