ron gilad

via: I tell you today

there are so many
blogs these days.

i feel like an
old stuffed animal

toy story 4

coming up
on 5 years

i wish i could
douse this blog
with champagne

give the old guy
a little something
to celebrate.

i wonder what
it would post
after that


Elena said...

Thanks for running this fabulous blog.

Pan said...

Way to go. Yours is pretty great. I hope you continue.

Carolyn Robbins said...

As a designer, I am petrified of starting a blog but the works of its pages are already under production. I wake up in the night and stare at the shadows on my ceiling wondering if I've truly lost my mind. Will I be cheating myself from what I love: designing for clients? Maybe teaching classrooms of eager students is more practical. What's the end look like anyway....does it go on and on like construction that never ends? Like a stuffed animal with the talk box string stuck? What can I say that hasn't been said?

And then I remember your comments a few posts back about excessive room shots in blogs and I love that you say what's seldom said! Too much makes us question it all. Good way to start something new.You give me hope for even the dark days of no inspiration. Maybe those too make us better writers or bloggers or designers....not knowing what to write or what to design. Maybe what's not, is as important as what is. I adore your posts. Congratulations on your anniversary. Here's a toast to your next words....no matter what doubts they stir up in me..all the better!

Thank you for inspiring me.

YHBHS said...

i feel you.. and you are much older than me.. but still we push on, and drag our furs on the ground.

tell you today. one of the good ones out there!

Lindsay said...

i truly look forward to what you have to say.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was right--you did grow weary.

by land by air by sea said...

forget anonymous

a voyeour without the courage to come out.

we are saturated beyond anything we could imagine.

can we still read a book, have respose, walk, talk, sit in a cafe and be with friends without looking down.

we have created our own little monster

but you are one of the few i visit with regularity.


lithospherial said...

I had to start one for my class. At least I can blame it. It's a teetotaler, but cheers

Ivy Lane said...

mmmmm.... just found you via Brockstreet...will come back to see what "it" posted "after that"!

Great blog you have here!

Ann Munro said...

I'm an architect who spends most of her time staring at a compter screen in a large office; despite my aspirations, this is a profession that can be monotonous at times. Whenever I need a break, I click over to your blog, where your words and images never fail to inspire me. Thanks for sharing your view of the world, it has really helped to broaden mine.

Matthew said...

It's truly a nice blog that you run, you do a wonderful job, perhaps you need to post more colourful things?

Muse Park said...

Congrats! I've only taken mine seriously since the New year and understand the diligence and commitment it takes. Yours is one of the few I always come back to for a breath of fresh "eye-ear-air". Your taste is impeccable and your mood comes across. You are a natural taste maker with a superb editorial ability- distill it down.
I keep saying,
"2012's quote should be- you can't be a slacker if you write a blog."
Well done and looking forward to more.
I'm taking notes :)