run as erect as possible

weekly wisdom
from graphic designer
steve edge:

dress in
your sunday best

and the party
will come to you.

my mother
told me the same
thing when I was
growing up.

and to put
my shoulders

whenever I see her
she still tries to adjust
my shoulders to fix
my posture.

poise makes
an impression

and once you learn it
it eventually comes from within;
on your own terms.

what simple/parental
life lessons do you
still carry today?

images via
gravel & gold


carl said...

siegmund freud made a fine living with young women whose shoulders were grabbed many times too often..and told them "come on - let it loose.."
he was one of the first good mothers.
i believe in poise you dont acknowledge beforehand, if thats possible.
skiteachers uand indian gurus tell us what to do.
who are we to need some beard to tell us directions..
evn a mouse wouldnt listen.
read max stirner- long forgotten but true.

Anna Ozernaya said...

parental advice? sorry no words of wisdom in mind. just some ordinary stuff )

Anonymous said...

Lee you have elegant posture! GC

krys kirkpatrick said...

"NEVER...SAY...NEVER" my fathers words and they are so true.

Monique said...

"Don't look for confrontation" my father's words. Also, my older friend once said to me. "All homes should have old men, if not old men then old rugs."

Joanna said...

my father always says "if it was easy, every one would be doing it".
my mother always said, "look after your teeth, stand straight, not slouched to give your heart and soul space to do their work. do yoga and keep fit. garden, as it teaches you to nurture."
And both say "we had it so much easier as parents when we were young. Ease up on yourselves, you modern parents. Let love guide you. All will be ok.

thanks to my mum and dad.

nik said...

my parents always taught me to be polite, to know my manners and always ALWAYS kiss and hug every single aunt and uncle hello and goodbye. (on my dad's side that's a lot!) filipinos give a lot of respect.

embodying paradise said...

listen more, speak less.

/ sounds like oppression , but i still find this phrase useful /

/ listen more / until you hear yourself /

Anonymous said...

My father taught me the importance of being able to laugh at yourself.

I'd be such a pathetic wreck if I hadn't ever learned.

Anonymous said...

p'ppa said: if he/she can do it, there's no reason you can't...we're all human aren't we. (with a portuguese accent he could make you feel so stupid for not applying this!)
mum said: if you don't like doing it, just stop. (guess how many jobs i've had)

yo yo said...

mami said:
"ponte recta!"
"la comida a la boca, no la boca a la comida"
"saluda a los mayores lo primero cuando llegues a un sitio"
"no interrumpas"
she said so many things, and I feel very grateful for that
thanks mum
thks cerre

Anonymous said...

well grandma always told me, pretty girls marry rich and the good die young

Maria said...

Mom: "If you're bored it's because you're boring."

The only beauty advice I got from her was to wash my face at night and put lotion on my neck.

Very funny/fun woman.

Unknown said...

Love everything about your blog.
Great Posts.
Hope u follow me back