in need
of mexico

adobe, tortillas,
poinsettias, agave,
la virgen de guadalupe
cobblestones, noche buena
procession of the pilgrims
candles & pastorales

6 more days
of concrete

playing with
pastels until then


carl auböck architekt said...

i like your pastel dream amids snow+concrete frozen hell..
try not to work your pastels directly on your drawing paper but on a raw paper surface beside it ,then pick up crumbs of (pure and intermingled)pigments with dry fingers and work it into your drawing surface smoothly, leave out any fixing spray(they kill the colour power), work in layers, so the colours take up depth.
it is a great material..the less you use the more effective is the result.. look at degas' portraits, their flesh is alive in pigments..

carl auböck architekt said...

you know adolph menzel?http://www.hypo-kunsthalle.de/newweb/menzel.html
he used to fix his charcoal and pastel drawings by smothering them in goats milk.
it worked out ok. but when drying them on a clothesline flies sat and drank the still liquid milk, and, left their little feces on the drawing,where they can be seen till today..
so better no fixing .. let it glow!

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors and images, uplifting and soothing. GC

Sweet Ronit said...

I too am in need of Mexico - last year's journey to Oaxaca is beginning to feel like a dream. Lovely description of such a special place.

Sara said...

I love the artwork bright simple relaxing

Courtney said...

i am in need of mexico, and i am going there on sunday! yay!! are you going? if so, safe travels.

Watusi said...

On my Island........
We have a word..."intrometer"......
...that is what "Carl Architekt" is doing on his post.
Basically it means to interfere w/something that no one has asked to interfere with.....
...such as his critique on improving Mexico pastel dreams.
I love the work as is, as intended.
Me encanta.
.........asi son mis sueños.

Skillscorp said...

The patterns are amazing and are a compliment to this beautiful country.