NYC Marathon

the 10 female
runners in the lead.
with a few trailing
not far behind.

and then
the men came

and the rest
of the masses.

i don't mean to boast
but i think myself and my
neighbors were some of the
most dedicated cheerleaders
at the nyc marathon.

the runners looked
exhausted as they were
nearing the halfway mark
of the 26.5 mile course,
in bed stuy brooklyn.

and this ain't
manhattan or the
prettiest part of bk so
we had to give them
everything we had

it's amazing
when you call out
a runner's name and
the pain in their face
relieves for a moment
and they give u the most
genuine smile you've
ever seen.

what amazing
display of endurance.
i will be stoked for
a week.

cheers to
all the people
who ran today.

y'all were

si se puede


jokemijn said...

:) love your dedication.

Pens said...

Love it! We don't often get to see this part of the race :)

honeydonthink said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos Lee! Great article(s) on the history of the marathon and its founder in The NY Times sports section yesterday. It's come a long way from several laps around Central Park in the 70s.

Julie-Inspired said...

That must have been amazing...the dedication these people have is incredible, just the training alone. Not too sure if I could do it! Must have been so much fun cheering them on!

Julie xo

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your blog is one of my favorites. I am always checking out your links, which i don't do for most. & I just wanted to thank you for posting about the nyc marathon. I was in nyc for the race a few years back and watching races live are pretty emotional for me. I just feel for those people, in a good way:). Its good to see a wide variety of posts on your blog and this one made me smile a lot. Thank you for providing the bloggushpere with great posts.

Sheila said...

Great pictures. I love the colorful attire of the runners set against the backdrop of some of the homes, and the dark road.

Kat said...

Awesome photos! Just heard about a cute photo contest that Folli Follie is having on Facebook, and this would be great! Folli Follie is looking for the best "Crazy For Life" photo. Each week will feature a different "Crazy For..." theme. This week is CRAZY FOR LOVE! **Winners get an exclusive SoHo bag. Check it out =)


Christopher Andrews said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and it inspired me to create one of my own including the images that have inspired me. I hope you and others take a look and enjoy.
Continued success on your lovely blog.