pt. 1

into great silence

aubrey beardsley

william morris

withnail & I

& the song of
my generation


A Cat Among Pigeons said...

An unusual combination of inspirational elements for the day.. I always see Morris and Beardesley as diametrically opposed theoretically, but then I get to thinking about how they both explore fantasy through their art. Nature. Human nature and decay for Beardesley, and a yearning for a restoration of the natural world for Morris.
And where Withnail fits into things I'll always wonder. That film always left me minus a few laughs and completely stumped.
Let's hope Into Great Silence makes to Australia soon, so that I may see the whole thing.

carl said...

your generation seems to be headbanging to the "winterreise"..
please cheer up.. its worth it.

Marie from Markhed Design said...

As an architecture graduate, I adore that first illustration! So detailed and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


honeydonthink said...

Very appropriate mood for October as the days shorten/darken and these images remind me of Edgar Allen Poe (another favorite). Haven't seen withnail & I in ages, but found it very funny (in a wicked sort of way).

ro said...

and Withnail & I, my favorite...

Anonymous said...

Where is the site/location of the last photo?

Unknown said...

What is that last image? I know have seen it in its source before but it seems like a weird dream.

Unknown said...

Damn-- i love that version of CREEP and now I know where it came from.