if i could travel
back in time

and go
to 1 concert

it would be:

live at roseland
nyc 1997

i would also
like to interview
beth gibbons

fully knowing
that she doesn't
give interviews


evencleveland said...

I wish I had been there. If only.

K. said...

i couldn't agree more. it was on my birthday. it pains me every time i think about missing out on that.

carl said...

stay here .
don't travel back .
think of tomorrow.

tracy said...

i saw them once
and got so depressed i had to leave

it was around 1998
ugh - gives me the shivers

i am with carl on this one

Auren Kaplan said...

You obviously look at life the right way. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw her once and almost walked out. She was so high she could barely stand--so disappointing as she was my favorite for ages. I wish artists with drug problems would stay home. I realize it is an illness but it isn't very respectful to take your fans' money and not deliver a decent concert.

carl said...

my son just borrowed my old+ORIGINAL(!) ramones tshirt to go out.
everything goes on.

Kattia-San Francisco My Song said...

I honestly would too!!
Missed opportunities.

The Existential Bunny Rabbit said...

if you could interview her, then the reason you wanted to interview her in the first place might be lost. because she will have spoken.
hope that helps.
the bunny

Joanna M. said...

I read on some music blog that 1997 was the shiniest year musically speaking..I guess I agree with that.
This concert must have been something great.
Wonderful blog!