summer is quickly
going down the drain

Cornelius Völker

studied under
Gerhard Richter

and paints the things:
““no one else would want to paint"

via revolting


Unknown said...

Love these, I really do. Clever and masterful. Followed the link(s) back to to Todd Hosfelt's site, where I also found some of his series of guinea pigs.

Sigh. Yes, I like those too, but the internet and my real life are intersecting in weird ways: one of the two (absolutely defenseless)guinea pigs just chewed a hole in the chicken wire and went off into the wild yonder. I patched up the hole, so the other animals don't get ideas, but now the remaining guinea pig is clearly despondent, off her feed.

And so now Cornelius Volker, through you, has made me a little sad, too.

by land by air by sea said...

better known as

high summer

always a cause for a bit of



Hila said...

this is a genius concept, I love it.

rebecca said...

quite sad... but bring on fall!

Kelly said...

...or in our case has not yet begun. boy am I looking forward to September!

Ella said...

i really enjoy these images! quite spectacular :)

Aled Chivers said...

This is brilliant