plum pickin

sorry for
my absence

i've been on
vacation from
my computer.

spending the last
days of summer in
san francisco



my nyc neuroses
retreating with each tide.


Anonymous said...

you picked a good time to come to SF it's HOT!
Have you been to InFiore or Matt Dick's studio next door? Post b/w Leavenworth and Hyde.

Jennifer x

caramimi said...

I love your blog! Funny, I live in SF, but just got back from NYC where I took a break from my computer. Your plums are reminding me of the Cali produce I missed out on.

Elena said...

Oh, that cake is looking so lovely in all ways.

Anonymous said...

Odd--you return to a place which creates your neuroses? Is that sensible? But perhaps they are not such and they are part what makes you instead--which puts you in denial... Something to think about...

samantha ramage said...

such pretty words + images. sometimes it is nice to take a break and be part of the real life!


M said...

beautiful. through and through.

Alex said...

Nice! :)