LA story

bungalow living
for 2 days with
my sister.

i could get used this.

fish tacos
desert light
& ray bans

ph: cerré


YHBHS said...

what a beautiful bungalow. what part of town? i'm thikning silverlake?

Anna said...

stylish. looks like a nice little setup.

LaurenC said...

come back...to live...forever.

Julie said...

Looks delightful...I could get used to it too!


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

hej,what a nice blog I jumped on!
I recognize a lot..hmm I'm curious now!

molly said...

ain't nuthin like LA living. especially bungalow living!

Courtney said...

i love the kitchen tile. so pretty. and beautiful blue rug in the living room. love the chairs too. seems like a nice place to spend some time.

Kelly said...

I miss Los Angleles so.