working in the creative
field can be so demanding
for design is quite personal
...an extension of yourself.

for me,
it's hard to separate
work from life

the blurring of
the lines is beautiful
but sometimes it can
be quite taxing

you never know
when to stop.

step away.


maybe i'm

12 rooms
ph: jeremy blakeslee
via: kept ephemera


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are 'exhausted' because you are trying to separate work and life in the creative field... Life has no dividers: it's all life, inseparable as yourself...

Malvini FF said...

the pictures look great ... I can relate to your text accompanying the pictures ... actualy the pictures illustrate how I feel at times ... mmm kinda spooky!
great post!


samantha ramage said...

this is gorgeous.


Strath said...

The photos remind me of this song by the Weakerthans, "Sun In an Empty Room."

Victoria Thorne said...

these rooms have breathing space. and nice light.

hope you have found some, also. what you offer to so many of us gives us room to breathe. and good light.

sending this with appreciation,


Elise Lowerison said...

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tippaniny said...

Something for you - thank you for your wonderful blog.



face to face framing said...

beautifully said