the return of the
simple leather satchel

i've never been into
embellished bags.

i can barely
handle a tassel.

when i was a teen
i felt so weird shopping
with friends because i couldn't
find anything at the mall.

i kept quiet.
empty handed.

I would politely compliment
their new bags and clothes
call it "cute" whatever.

while deep down inside
i thought i was crazy.

it's weird because
i saw myself as incredibly feminine
but had no way of defining my style.
i leaned towards more "masculine"
pieces that were a bit quieter
and composed.

but i've always
hated the word:


i'm no stark crazy minimalist
who wears men's clothes
or conceptual frocks.

i'm no annie hall.

i like florals, pinks
and flowy dresses.
victorian laces!

i don't know what
to call it and who
really cares

why am i rambling
on and on?

what i want to point out,
is that i'm noticing a new wave
of designers exploring femininity
in quieter and less embellished forms.

the bag
for example:

jas mb
ally capellino
stephanie arpage
maison margiela

which bag
speaks to you?

images via timeless
and tommy ton


tanvi said...

Oui, I'm a fan of the simple satchel above all others. The Céline is the one for me, so sophisticated and lovely!

Anonymous said...

if you are lithe, find fabric that accentuates movement. do you feel assured when you move? if so, texture and color will subordinate themselves to your body

minirobot said...

hurray for celine. wish bag: clare vivier's mini sac with the subtlest little embellishment on the side.

i also wanted to tell you that i love your blog.

marie said...

the hope bag is kind of perfect ;)

Unknown said...

Dear Cerre',

I like all your choices as I do your taste in everything you focus on. However I am happy to see a bit more structure and controlled volume coming-back to handbags. A slouchy bag is too difficult an accessory to be carried-off successfully by many... yet we see them everywhere.. an unfortunate ensemble decision. Look again? Do you need to take that beast of a bag out for a walk?

Ladies PLEASE trust me on this one...a big slouchy bag is for the very very few. Go PLAIN..Go SIMPLE, Go with a controlled structure and defined shape.
Let's make this a better looking picture. Give a little consideration to your sex-appeal.

Slouch and slacks and tailored shirt= Gorgeous!

Slouch and cute slouchy dress= Ouch!

Yes, a definite opinion when it comes to what we see our fellow man decide to parade himself-in,
in public.

Be well,


nik said...

yes, i know what you mean! sometimes the tassels are too much. but really i like all styles, i'm too eclectic. i like the celine bags, BUT i also like the alexander wang bags. i can be quiet and sophisticated or loud and wild. i'm weird. and cerre, why did you change your font for your title at the top? a change? i liked it the other way, but this way is nice too.


Le Bouton said...

i like the claire vivier tote. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We must have similar taste in leather bags, because I loved a lot of them: jas mb, maison margiela, stephanie arpage. I could take any of those home today.

Quiet femininity is just my style.

Kristen Masters said...

I'd have the makr for the day and mimi (the red one to be exact) when I don't have things like my lunch, umbrella and a book to carry with me.
My favourite bag is one I bought for $25 at a market and is black worn leather with long double shoulder straps and is kinda shaped like a water sack...starts at a normal kind of width and then balloons out slighty with a nice round bottom edge. I've owned it for years and sometimes I think maybe I should get a new one but I can never go past it.
For night I don't mind a slouchy glomesh (pref the one I own in grey)
anyway I love your blog, it is quiet and so beautifully put together and i am constantly inspired by it, by you. ta x

THEARM said...

The top one speaks to me because I own it!

honeydonthink said...

I have a distressed gold Mimi bag just a tiny bit bigger than the one pictured and I love it too! It's easy to get into and holds a lot for it's size which is important for me. Classic design that gets better with age.

Unknown said...

oh, dear. Now I've crushes on mimi AND celine.

I've always gone for pared-down. The one handbag exception to this 'rule', sulks in the darkest recess of my closet, feeling my indifference.

Beauty arises when form follows function, preferably in a buttery leather that begs to be handled...

Jared Frank said...

simple walrus
hope you enjoy
jared @ topsy

etc,etc said...

most definitely the margiela's , though my grand mother old brow hermes kelly is very very beautifull he's older than me , she got in 1956 i think

Anonymous said...

M0851 fulfill your astute criteria:


sisters in black frocks said...

i totally relate

Anna-Lisa said...

Wow - they're all great - thanks!

the girl from back then said...

I'd go for capellino!It's the least formal and I like that it looks like a bucket!I would feel like little red riding hood walking around holding it!

Elen King said...

mimi classic little peggy for me
i enjoyed the post a lot.

don guss said...

i've always had a thing for vintage Coach bags.
seems close to what you are talking about.

Nice post!



Nikki said...

Loving Billy Kirk shoulder bag right now