the new prep

baron wells
collared shirts
with skirts

a different kind of girl
at the country club

no lily pulitzer

everyone's got their
eye on the girl with
the bow tie.

what would be
her name?

what would she
be reading?

listening to?

tell me her
story in 3 sentences

baron wells

photo credits:

1) rob kulisek (rsk)
2) mads madsen (mpm)
3) rsk
4) david gulden
5) rsk
6) rsk
7) rsk
8) mpm


sarah mutch
karina gubanova


Graham Gangi - Zero Killed said...

Stacy challenged her for the last time. How long could she go on serving Stacy & her friends mimosas with a smile as they bragged & taunted her about their tennis match. There was only so much she could take.

Cerré said...

book: great gatsby

Anonymous said...

minna is her name. she is reading:
warum das kind in der polenta kocht -
listening to the wonderful norwegian singer kari bremnes.

Unknown said...

Name is Kate...designs golf courses for a living.
Reading Elsa Maxwell's 1954 edition of RSVP..which is this years theme for her annual summer costume party...listening to DJ tapes.
Favorite make-up tip...a bit of smudged eyeliner.

Sam said...

Herr Professor Schweinsteiger is furious with his absent-minded students. His screaming makes Saskia nervous. She comforts herself with the thought of Sachertorte and reading "A Time of Gifts."

LaurenC said...

Her name is Sue. It’s Christmas Eve. She's at the Everglades Country Club in Palm Beach. She looks to her sister and say’s "if a bomb were to go off right now, this place would be covered in blue blood." And then the dinner is served. The waiters uncover the food in perfect unison. Sue looks down and discovers a half-eaten dinner.

-Based on a true story, Palm Beach, circa 1997.

DM said...

Her names is Vyvyan or something taken from an old aunt. She reads Djuna Barnes under the blankets at night, whilst daydreaming about a time when she can read it on the subway.

Anonymous said...

she's a walking contradiction. she looks staid yet she is listening to metallica and reading the tao of wu by the rza. her name is hennessy.

virginia said...

her father is her mother's french tennis coach, and the girls do not realize they are only half-sisters.

neige elisabet - named after her mother's lover's sister, and a perfume.

she has read everything maya angelou has ever written, and is mad about los lobos - kiko and the lavender moon being her signature song.

Anonymous said...

Her name is Isobel, reading Tournier's The Ogre for school, and wondering why she's made to wear an ugly pleated skirt.

Cerré said...

but i love the pleated skirt!


isobel is a good name.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the skirt weren't in pale yellow--it washes out her skin tone...

Chazaq said...

Her name is Mathilde.

She is reading O'Connor - Complete Stories.

honeydonthink said...

Her name is Imogen because her father was a Shakespearean actor. She's reading Crooked Little Heart by Anne Lamott and her iPod often plays Blackberry Belle by The Twilight Singers. She's currently dating a Japanese flamenco dancer who loves anything yellow.

by land by air by sea said...

Bloody hell

Her name is definitely not Buffy!

Anonymous said...

Named Violet, reading Francoise Sagan, listening to DeBussy.

Unknown said...

Her name is Paulina - she is thinking about her ex - Aleksy - 17 in a punk rock band in her home town of Bialystoc - and potato pancakes- She would kill for a cigarette about now - she doesn't read unless she has to.

Anonymous said...

At my country club the girl in the bowtie is always the waitress...

Anonymous said...

waitresses are sometimes hot.

Lou Lou said...

I worked with the model Sarah Mutch in 2007. She is a sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Her name is Anna. She listens to Yann Tiersen and reads Russian classics. She doesn't talk much.