quiet inside

hot hot

will we endure
another summer
in new york!

the trash on
the sidewalk
is sizzling

a car was blasting
hard knock life

i turned down
bo diddley
to listen

big week

what sounds
are blasting in
your hood?


nik said...

tegan and sara! "i married in the sun" and "the con."

loveology said...

only the sound of rain...

(love those photographs, they are so calming and peaceful to me.)

have a beautiful week ahead!


jokemijn said...

beautiful location!
I just noticed your list on the right side, think i share your love for russian constructivist and bauhaus-style.

Bonito said...

This is my confession.
I love your choices, I love your eyes, your background and everything that you says.

Roberta said...

such a contrast with the photos. I have the same book and will sometimes just look through it while in bed and having trouble sleeping. Sometimes I would rather be in that book than NYC

Anonymous said...

big week ahead
sounds good
at least sometimes

i just
the way
you put your
words and thoughts

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe the beauty of your blog. I happened to stumble upon it this morning and I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

ashley said...

love those interiors shots.

ace of base!!!!!

DM said...

the sound of a sunny summer thunderstorm.

something about the heat and humidity in a new york summer always makes me feel like i'm living in the 70's.

Unknown said...

Nice place...where is it?
Reminds me of a house I rented in the Pines a couple of Summers. On the bay, floating above some low trees, bordering with the National Park. The lay-out seems very similar from what I can make-out here.
A very peaceful House, not boring...We had a few nice parties there.

19th street is mostly very quiet...the occasional car horn blast...very boring.