san francisco bay blues

arktip issue

by serena mitnik-miller
of the general store


kyle field
"little wings"

another bay
resident we love

light green leaves

and listen to:
"look at what the
light did now"

best comment
on youtube:

"sounds to me like he's just making
it up as he goes along..."

that's why we
love him.

{{kyle draws}}


Anonymous said...

I have a weakness for blues. G

Anonymous said...

kyle is the best but he's not a bay native! he's from thousand oaks, ca

Cerré said...

Thanks for the correction. i think i knew that... OK. Let's call him a 'resident'. best!


Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Such a pretty grouping of blues. SF is one of my most favorite cities...

Outerlands Design said...

Outer sunset in the house! Love Serena and Kyle!

Aron said...

That is such a cool map of SF! What a great city...

Nancy Neil said...

I died laughing when I saw the video of K on a computer then cell phone getting into a funny little car and driving away...talking nonsense Kyle Style about myspace. Dude. Come back to Carpinteria.

Chelsea said...

Beautiful work!

LaurenC said...

The Kyle video on the Mollusk site is the funniest thing ever.

Nick Sung said...

yes yes yes!
every day should feel that light.

Charlotta Ward said...

Lovely layers of blue! Am so drawn to blue at the moe.

x Charlotta

Unknown said...

Once shipped myself some books from Europe.
When they arrived-six month later-the thin jute rope was still holding them together. It was a marvel. Like receiving a package from another era...it seemed to have come from outside our own time.
Thinking about the packaging of Arkitip Issue No. 0054, jute + all, in the mailbox is an inspiration to use the post service more...mail can have its magic moments. This post has inspired me to send-out some mail. Will-do.....Today.