the gentlewoman

a women's mag

i can't seem to relate to
the society/fashionista
girls we always see
in vogue, elle...

they may write.
but what they say never
really sits right with me.

it's like another

and of course
i now sound snooty
for saying this.

but you know
what i mean.

i'm saying
what's in my gut

bed stuy
is far from

which brings
me to:

the gentler woman.

the charlotte gainsbourgs
the kazuyo sejimas
the pheobe philos

(who else would
you add to this list?)

women with
a quiet yet strong


but with an
element of

these are the
women that keep
us on our toes

an interview with
editor Penny Martin:

It’s a modern aesthetic,
and it’s about maturity,
not in the sense of being old,
but in terms of graphic contours,
silhouettes and fabrics.

I love the sort of fashion photography
that allows you to be sartorially precise.


Glass Delusion said...

Seen any newsstands or stores in New York carrying it yet?

Unknown said...

Carla Sozzani?

Unknown said...

Betty Catroux?
Elsa Peretti?
Two legends.
Their enormous influence on fashion in the late 20th century...their ideas about women's clothes is still relevant and very much a part of how smart women look and approach getting dressed today.
At present I also like the personal dressing style of stylist Jillian Davidson. She dresses well. Not too conservative, Fashionable but, not too hip. Just Right!
Your question is a good exercise... as it addresses such a specific style ... not often editorialized.
Bravo to the team behind this new magazine.
I would be thrilled/grateful to see / read an in-depth editorial on all three of these women and also on Carla Sozzani.
Betty Catroux...hard to find a picture...present or past where she does not look stylish...timeless. She worked-out her Look and sticks with it. Her philosophy and contribution is crucial in giving shape to the evolution of style in clothes and attitudes of the last quarter of the 20th century to today.
How much fun for Mr. YSL to give form to his ideas with this exceptional woman by his side.
Maybe she gets her own issue of the magazine?

Elsa Peretti..her attitude and style is the epitome of chic...still.
The Tiffany work- while nice-doesn't fully do her justice.
I understand she's a bit of a recluse now.
Would love to read what she has to say.

Anonymous said...

So many!

Joan Didion
Anna Verlet/Shelton
Sofia Coppola
Tina Chow
Marlene Dumas
Sophie Calle
Marina Abramovic
Louise Bourgeois

...off the top of my head, but I'm more interested in women I've never heard of and haven't been covered a million times by major publications. The unsung heros of various creative industries really.

Nancy Neil said...

Lee Cerre. TOTALLY ON THE RAD LIST. You rule Lee. Wish you were a more tangible being in our lives.

Anonymous said...

And of COURSE....

Lauren Cerre is a member of the unassuming yet strongly present!


LaurenC said...

I have a whole list. But it would be too long for this and you won't find the women I suggest on Google. Maybe we need a new magazine full of talented women you can't and won't find via a Google search?

As always...thanks for the morning kick in the ass to think and feel a bit more free.

Eric said...

Andrea Cochran

...Always following through the precise thought. Her presence is a landscape.

the letters i wish i'd written... said...

Francoise Hardy every time.

Make it Easy said...

wow, what a great looking magazine! i would even buy that too!

Breathless Ms. Seberg said...

I completely agree with you on all the points you made. I live in Bushwick...

The magazine looks great.

I would add Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces to that list.


Ms. Seberg

L.P. said...

as Anonymous said... "I'm more interested in women I've never heard of and haven't been covered a million times by major publications. The unsung heroes of various creative industries really."

That perfectly expresses what I think as well.

Unknown said...

Intriguing-looking mag.

On the young mind front, what's your take on someone like Tavi Gevinson?

Anonymous said...

Carson McCullers, the most beautiful of all.

About Me said...

I completely agree with what you said.