i've seen it
3 times.

new york
san francisco

and i'll
go again
and again

the met opera
put on an absolutely
astounding show
last night.

my eyes
welled up
with tears.

and the set design
was the finest
i've seen.

maria callas
will make your
knees buckle

si, mi
chiamono mimi

min 2:31

"I live alone, quite alone.

There is a little white room
I look upon the roofs and the sky.
But when the thaw comes
The first sunshine is mine
The first kiss of
April is mine!


Chelsea said...

Maria Callas is my Sunday morning. Truly elevating.

Unknown said...

Take me with you.

Jillian Hobbs said...

quite envious! truly truly envious
i am in love w/ opera but have never gotten the opportunity to go!

sounds so lovely

T|B|M said...

sounds incredible.
thank you for the reminder to listen.

ps-spring has almost sprung. looking forward to april warmth too...


Alan P said...

i'm going on wednesday!
hope it's every bit as amazing as you say.

DM said...

I saw it for the first time at the Met last fall, and I don't know if I've been through that much emotional trauma since. My friend told me when it was finished that my puffy, bloodshot face looked like I'd just been to a wake.