do you separate
work from living?

when you live
in small spaces
sometimes you
have to work
where you

like it

need a more
formal separation

is work
your life?

or is something that
can be turned on

turned off.


my things by
gabriela grundler
itis edition

casa zinc
via brock


CTstyle said...

Wendell Berry talks a lot about this interesting subject.Have you ready any of his books?

Spam Names said...

I do not separate them. If I were wealthy, perhaps I would, but I have had to learn to work where I live.

As a writer, it's relatively easy. When I was a painter and living in my studio, it was not as easy and not as healthy because of the paint fumes.

Writing is the easiest art form in the whole world to carry with you wherever you go. Except maybe dance and singing.

I wouldn't mind writing in the room in the second picture. It reminds me of a hotel I stayed in in Granada, Spain, the one where Hemingway supposedly used to stay, that looks out onto the main square where everyone does their 'paseo' in late afternoon.

I am not surprised Hemingway chose that place. I felt I could have stayed there and written there forever.

Spam Names said...

Whoops, I meant Pamplona. Wrong city!

whoisnell said...

work to me is nothing more than a routine.. i've never had a 'career' in my life cos i wanted to do so many things at the same time.. still need a lot of sorting out to do with myself.. but i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog.. inspiring.. tq <3

Anonymous said...

i work where i live - which is good at times because i can work till very late and in my pj's, and bad at times because i get awfully distracted... and it is so easy to procrastinate.
lately i have discovered that i work better from the bus (weird?!) i get a good amount of inspiration from the window seat, so if i need a good idea i just have to get on a bus, going anywhere, get off at the last stop and get back home on the one that goes in the opposite direction!

Juan said...

hi lee

the uruguayan photo is from a hotel called Casa Zinc. www.casazinc.com
i stayed there and its amazing. will probably go back next week for the uruguayan film festival and interview james ivory! its like the perfect plan, so i hope everything goes fine.

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

we live in an old barn with our workshop below and (at the moment) our computer in the kitchen, near to the woodburner - it's a pretty cold house in the winter so it makes sense to work in the warmest room.
it's kind of hard to seperate life & work when you work from home - something glenn and I have said we need to try harder at this year. We need to take more days off really, which, when you are working for yourselves is difficult sometimes.

we always enjoy your posts, they make us think & discuss.
we have just started a new blog, by the way - we wanted a change. pop by and take a look if you get a chance ... we'd love to know your opinion.


Unknown said...

right now i have no choice.
i live in my studio or i work in my bedroom.
however you want to put it.

sometimes i like it.
work is my life.
longterm i think it would be healthier and give a better focus if you seperate it.

Anonymous said...

I think so long as you are happy with what you do for a living, the lines get blurred and comfortable. That is the ultimate sweet spot.

agoodswim said...

i once heard about someone who worked from home. Every morning she would get dressed, leave her apartment, walk around the block and re-enter her apartment to go to work.

Patricia Veltri said...

I just decided to start to work at home.
I will give yoga classes in my living room for a few ladies.
I’ll try to make it very cosy with tea and biscuits at the end…

Spam Names said...

I had to come back here because I realized that it wasn't true what I posted earlier about 'If I were wealthy...'

Right after I'd posted it that day, I went out and all of a sudden realized I wouldn't have done anything differently with more money, as far as live/work, and that I was just saying that in kind of a knee-jerk way. And it's been bugging me ever since...

So I take it back!

I love the new comment about the woman who would dress up for work, walk around the block and come back. What a great film image.

Francesco Clemente used to wear a suit and tie to his studio because, he said, he was just like anyone else going to work.

Affected, yes, and they were probably very expensive suits, but how fabulous, how "80's artist"!

(By the way, Cerré, I've enjoyed your blog for about a year now, but just never commented before. I guess I'm making up for lost time.)

gina said...

I work where I cook.
And eat.

janine said...

I work in a dark dismall office. This is the work that pays my rent. I live in a tiny studio apartment where I do my own work, where I sleep, where I eat, anywhere that I can find a non-piled, uncluttered spot. Not easy. I am the type that needs to separate work from everyday life to keep my head from becoming as cluttered as my apartment looks. I would prefer to have a separate room to make into an organized art studio. But alas, I am only as rich as far as I can exploit myself.