when a minimalist
falls for the ultimate display
of excess, grandeur, gold leaf
 and wait...a hall of mirrors


is it a sin?
or is it crime?

loving you the
way i do.


Dina said...

I think its neither a sin or a crime...but rather a delightful indulgence!

Anonymous said...

Haha...so true.
I suppose it's simply about how well executed something is. It can make people drop ones jaw in silent awe.

Beata ( B ) said...

its a crime of passion!

Anonymous said...

you've spelled Hemingway and Cronkite incorrectly

Cerré said...

thank you anonymous for the correction

tony said...

Neither a sin,
nor a crime;
a mistake.

plaisirs simples said...

how could you not....beyond beautiful/interesting/amazing to any eye. i can't wait to visit one day myself!

Anonymous said...

I want to travel to France just to visit Versailles. Well, that and I am dying to try a Laduree Macaroon.

sisters in black frocks said...

accept it. decadence at its finest