lester beall


straight talk


lester beall
was the man

i like color
when it's done with

i like design to be
semantically correct
syntactically consistent,
and pragmatically

words by
massimo vignelli


Alisha H. said...

aaah, Lester Beall is one of the first graphic designers I fell in love with! Everything he did for the REA is amazing!

eliza said...

hi! i like your blog and i like seeing all the things that influence you, but i'd also like to see your work. what do you do set design for? film? print? fashion?
just curious.

Anonymous said...

pragmatically understandable is redundantly redundant...tee hee.

Unknown said...

like his words...

DJ said...

Thank you for turning me onto Lester and Massimo. I enjoy your blog very much and check it often.
Thank you

molly said...

These are magnificent.

Phone with a Cord said...

I love graphic posters. You know who does some pretty great ones mostly for musicians is cassandra jenkins. http://www.cassandrajenkins.com/graphicdesign/01.html

DJ said...

Here is a quote from Massimos Canon on paper sizes. You gottah love the guy for his strong beliefs. He's funny. "The international Standard paper sizes, called the
A series, is based on a golden rectangle, the divine
proportion. It is extremely handsome and practical
as well. It is adopted by many countries around
the world and is based on the German DIN metric
Standards. The United States uses a basic letter
size (8 1/2 x 11”) of ugly proportions, and results
in complete chaos with an endless amount of
paper sizes. It is a by-product of the culture of free
enterprise, competition and waste. Just another
example of the misinterpretations of freedom."

imageinfomood said...

Oh no..where did the picture go?

Charlotta Ward said...

Graphic art perfection. Love the propaganda look'n'feel.

Another lovely find by you.