painters white

painter's white

i built a
white box

and then squares
of light appeared
on the radiator

it was

color studies
from nick:

hans richter

len lye
harry smith
begone dull care
norman mclaren


amy t. said...

i love shades of white! that bed frame is fantastic....
i wonder what the white box will hold??

jd said...

hey lee,

good luck with your painting! i am about to paint my whole apartment white... including the floors, so i am pretty sure my hands will look like that soon too.

btw, i found a desk for you! http://snurl.com/mcobbdesk i don't think it is real mccobb - it has 3 instead of 2 drawers. i am typically not a fan of knock offs, but the price is pretty good. i bet you could even offer lower. and then just strip that sucker down... oh, and definitely change the knobs. happy nest making!

:) jill

PK Studios said...

Don't you just love synchronicity. I used to keep a synchronicity journal..... and I started seeing more and more!

Spam Names said...


That bit of poetry was the best little moment I've vicariously experienced on the nets all day. It put a real smile on my real face, which reminded me that I should get outside and get some real sun!

Jillian Hobbs said...

So beautiful
I couldn't believe these were yours when you first showed them, they're so absolutely gorgeous. I am quite jealous of your space! truly!

Have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

Your finger (you know, the sliced one) must be feeling better. Good news. And hurray for moments of poetry--whatever form they take.

Alex Marsh said...

hey blogging person
I've just got into your blog and its quite interesting. You probably have already heard of him but check out the poet Francis Picabia (1879-1953), he is a french dadaist poet and painter and he is right up your street. a taster

"Nothing More"

the stars move off
oh how sad and alone
I am here!
sad as the dawn
if it's cold
maybe there will be
fire this evening

thank you for introducing me to Gerhard Richter

Wallflower said...

Does your life really unfold into poetry that sounds like that? Mine sort of slogs along like a car with muffler trouble. I'm so envious.....

cameliamoss said...

Any good white paint colors to recommend for the walls? Such as the one you are using in these pix... looking at whites and loosing my mind! Thanks