the last great
model maker
in NYC

ben was already
back to work after
an exhausting month
of fashion week prep

most of the belts
bags and accessories
you see on the runways
were stitched, worked
and realized by ben

carolina herrera
oscar de la renta
zac posen, etc

ben is the ultimate
problem solver

he realizes your
designs "if you have
a dollar and a dream"

in ben's sun soaked
working studio on grand st
we talked about that most violent
day of our life - september 11
and how we don't forget.

the importance
of collaboration in the
creative process

the efficiency
of a clean mess

and what it's like
to get a frantic request
from a designer 2 days!
before a runway show.

bennett liberty design

ph: cerré


mondoblogo said...

great post, people like that are unfortunately a dying breed; thanks for the peak inside....

YHBHS said...

beautiful posting and photos... thanks!

Haley said...

great post!! thanks for letting us know about him. craftsmanship+integrity...wonderful.


CTstyle said...

great post, thank you! I love a clean mess and the floor of his office.

seesaw designs said...

wow, so awesome. that guy is inspiring. what a great opportunity to visit his studio and interview him.

Jillian Hobbs said...

quite wonderful I cannot wait to see the full vendor presentation you produce, the photographs are fantastic


Unknown said...


laylablue said...

the importance of collaboration in the creative process

i can think of 1000 ways this is true!

Unknown said...

Please let us not see ourselves as exceptional. The most violent day in your life ?
We have given this day to others in multiples too large to contemplate.