I can't post
because blogspot
has once again changed
its formatting..for the worse.

and i'm a

what should i do?
is there anyone in nyc
who can help me
with my site?


Beata ( B ) said...

Hum. I was wondering where you had been. Do you have to resize? Im not that into to tumblr but if its what you gotta do...

Sara said...

John Ford of Aldenta has helped Swissmiss.. I love both your sites. he is in NC.

Anonymous said...


Henry Casey said...

Is it the formatting in the links lists on the right sidebar? Have you thought about Wordpress? They seem to give more ... design flexibility ... porting your blog to their territory might be a nuisance and a half though.

stuff sonia love said...

that is really strange
please let me know how you solve this problem

Michael Bantigue said...

I think tumblr would suit your objectives

Jillian Hobbs said...

i am telling you!
img src="" /

add your own tags! use that and just put the source so the images URL between the quotation marks!

(oh and wrap < > around it)

Jacob said...

I like your site and I'm in NYC. Maybe I can help.

John Commoner said...

I totally agree. Blogger has screwed up it's post editor. But you can still use the old one. In your dashboard go to the settings-basic tab. Down near the bottom you can choose to use the new or old post editor. The old editor is probably what you were using before. You can still use it! Hopefully that helps (maybe not) but it's a thought.

M ! Я said...

tumblr might be a good choice and easy

wordpress is awesome !

I would help you self host wordpress and migrate ur current posts... well for free ... ( i am one of those regular readers :) )