what are your apartment

 1. wood floors
2. white walls
3. a fireplace

and tall windows

i like to scatter
color and artifacts
in clean white spaces.

ps: i have a fear
of non-lived in spaces

one of the reasons
 i didn't pursue architecture,
was that i didn't want to
build anything new.

1. white chapel via remodelista 
2. a store on mulackstrasse, berlin 
3. my rental in berlin


Joey Roth said...

chapeaux artisanaux de gris:


T|B|M said...

Southern exposure and a window with a view above the sink. Makes doing dishes much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

"one of the reasons
i didn't pursue architecture,
was that i didn't want to
build anything new"

The best quote i've heard in a long, long time.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

white. white everything.

Unknown said...

I've always dreamed of exposed brick walls... and fireplaces... more than one would be magic.

Renee said...

One thing I know, I like your blog.

Renee xoxoxox

DUSKIN said...

so gorgeous!

beauty comma said...

wooden floors, white walls, tall windows! eastern exposure because my orchids love that.

your rental looks lovely!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

we like that aesthetic too (although we are going through a dark stage at the moment as well)

we love photographer Mark Borthwick's place, one of our favourites ...

Diana said...

I love your blog and the space you are presenting, the white is such and emotional colour.

E said...

My 1 and 2 are the same as yours. And then 3 is LOTS AND LOTS OF WINDOWS.

Rob Baard said...

Nice sofa. I have'nt got one.
A sofa, that is.


Jana FitzGerald said...

It was such a relief to read this, truly.

For years, I was terrified of white space. I can't even express the extent of this; walls, canvas, paper. I previously took it as a sign of my own creative ineptitude. Now I feel like it be almost reverent to the immense care one must take to create. I'm still not sure.

Jana FitzGerald said...

i meant to say, 'now i feel it to be' instead of 'now i feel like it be'

apparently blogspot comment boxes are also spaces i should worried about.

rayrayrene said...

all old spaces were once new...

conquer your fear?
or reinvent.

i bet you'd create timeless places

silvina said...

great blog.

Mausumi said...

I have to agree with E here, lots of windows! I am currently living in a semi-white (the walls are actually more like a caffee latte) with wood floors and a fireplace, but it only has windows to the north...

I'm longing for more light!

YHBHS said...

these are good questions to ask! especially right now. im in the process of selling my house, and looking to move into a new apartment. major anxiety!

but i have to agree. i need a space to be lived in. i need to feel that energy of the past..

david john

Annaliese said...

wood floors, windows all around, archway architecture, good piping in the kitchen/bathroom =)

Anonymous said...


simeon said...

Here here, plus a floor to ceiling book shelf and some good art

Narwhal said...

There's no new without the past. Any decent NEW architecture must be informed by the history of existing cities/buildings/people. The spaces you talk about have weathered beautifully. You just don't like new drywall/plastic/corporate carpet.

It's too bad the world of architecture will not benefit from your amazing design sense. What are you doing instead? Tea towels?

ieva jansone said...

oh, i share your dislike for non-lived spaces!

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