variations on a theme

the sweater dress wrap

as modeled by
renata molho
in milan


anette said...

she caught my eye too!

you keep such a good balance here!

thanks for the inspiration and intelligence you share!

jd said...

i always thought wrapping a sweater around your body to be second nature, but i have to admit to liking these images, it seems a fresh take and nice color combinations.

reminds me of a pre-shoot meeting i was in for this japanese documentary...


the producer pointed to the drapey cardigan i had wrapped around my neck and asked what it was...

um, a cardigan wrapped around my neck.

can you show our viewers how to do this? she asked.

uhh, are you serious??

they also filmed me buying organic produce at the farmer's market and then making it into a salad for lunch. when i started eating they wrapped and invited me to go to lunch with them for a break.

ummm, but i just made lunch?

after lunch the producer pressured me again to just pretend to sew something even though i wasn't working on anything. definitely a weird experience... beware "reality".