towards a new architecture

marcel van eeden
has a futurist pen

my guilty pleasure:
architectural manifestos
i wish they were still
writing them.

manifestos are narcissistic.
often a prelude to physical consequences
the future will most likely regret.

but i read them for
that suspended moment.
that frozen connection with
the author, the words, and
the weightlessness of
what is written.

that feeling before
an idea is acted upon.
when everything feels
completely right

al dente


Anonymous said...

at that point in time in where its freshly out of the world of ideas and about to land on reality - the best place to be x

Jeremiah said...

Awesome images and a perfect assessment of manifestos. You never disappoint.

Jana FitzGerald said...

i couldn't agree with you more, and i probably wouldn't have been able to say it better. my only addition is that while the physical consequences are usually always regretted, eventually most will receive some form of appreciation and/or nostalgia.

it is the best feeling, however, the frozen moment when an idea has yet to take shape.

Elina Minn said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what it is that you mean: “manifestos are narcissistic”? Does this mean any public declaration of intention/opinion is narcissistic? (Perhaps you agree with Nietzsche when he said something to that effect that philosophy [an opinion] is just psychology in disguise)… And why are they a “prelude” to “physical consequences the future likely will regret”? That’s a lot of supposition in your statement: what’s to say that anything will come of a manifesto in the first place?... And while the “feeling” may be right before an idea is acted upon—as though everything has come into place—it is only theoretical until there is actualization in which case it may not all come out the way it felt right in the first place. Say you love someone and then you want to tell that person. But what if you say it and…love is unrequited? That’s bleedin’ devastating possibly. So all that “just about to be good” feeling is a delusion. Basically you’re balancing yourself on the precipice of what feels good until it can change in an instant once it occurs.

Cerré said...

ah, anonymous gets me again! haha!


Anonymous said...

Well, Lee Cerre (male, female?), not sure what you mean by "get"--do mean a "gotcha" scenario? I'm not picking on you--just trying to clarify in my mind what it is that you mean in your statements--though you do not actually explain sometimes... Or do you mean "get" as "understand"?... Would you rather I not comment?--I wouldn't want to offend you--that is not my intention.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog a couple days ago and it is erie that i have come across so many things that relate to where i have been. the goosebumps forced me to comment.

Anonymous said...

although i think i understand what you mean...perhaps "manifestos are narcissistic", perhaps the choice of words is a bit off. it is a question of "self-love" for one's ideas, but not necessarily in a negative sense, which the word seems to carry...see what i mean?? (or maybe i am off)...

i have questioned time and time again the thinking of artists/creators...and cannot provide a clear "end" thought....still thinking i suppose...

oh but you are so right about the feeling before a thought is acted out...or just the moment when one gets an idea and somehow everything seems so clear....the best feeling i might add...

great post...food for thought 100%..;))

Anonymous said...

don't we all balance on delusion? Really?