Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill by thomas.merton.

shaker symmetry


Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill by thomas.merton.

give a good cook
a sparse table setting

shaker via remodelista

shaker village
of pleasant hill

ph: thomas merton


Jana FitzGerald said...

the clean sparsity of this makes me think of a church, perhaps designed by tadao ando. although there is something very modern to this, it's funny to see it on the internet.

Chelsea said...

These images are gorgeous. I love simple symmetry.

Jeremiah said...

I long for simplicity, in life and in design. This is.

honeydonthink said...

So beautiful, but where do I plug in my laptop or recharge my iPhone?

Miranda said...

I love the tablesetting. So clean, so simple.

E said...

simplicity at it's best. Makes me wish I had a summer house covered in vines.

Maia said...

My husband, a former chef, loves a simple table setting. His kitchen, on the other hand, is the opposite - every millimeter of space is occupied with food, implement, or spice. He is, however, far better at cleaning and organizing the kitchen than I. He knows where to put things for maximum efficiency. It never ceases to amaze me.

joolee said...

*gasp* beautiful.