if only it was tulip season everywhere

thinking of my dear friends
in santa barbara, CA
who have been

the arts & crafts bungalows
tucked into the canyons
are such a special
aspect of this
coastal city

it just kills me
to see it all on fire


sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

I saw this image of the tulip fields the other day, so beautiful.

I hope there isn't too much destruction with the fires but watching that video, it looks like there will be. it's so sad.

Anonymous said...

beautiul image of the tulip fields...very unfortunate about the fires...

Jana FitzGerald said...

it is such a lovely place, i am so sad to see this happen again.
my mom and sister and home are there :(

Patricia Veltri said...

i've been around the tulip area a few weeks ago and took some pictures as well, it was beautiful(you can see them in my blog...)and today i also saw a photo in my newspaper nrc.next (dutch) about santa barbara...very sad

H H A L F said...

These photos are stunning. SO magnificent. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Santa Barbara and sending much love to Lynnda and family.