I think we need something
bright to cheer ourselves up

matt connors
via here

I'm thinking red


Janis said...

Your blog is always inspiring... I look forward to coming here and seeing what you've posted... my blog entry today is similar, though blue...music, not sadness :)

Jana FitzGerald said...

you know, the connotations of red are usually heavily sexual to the point of being off putting. agressive. the color of lipstick and power.

(valentino garibaldi is not mon amour)

sorry for the lame italo disco reference, but i suppose what i am trying to say is that this dress is cheerful. attractive in an innocent way. inviting, not intimidating.

i've been wearing black for too long...


yeah! after a long & dark winter, some kind of color is all I need to brighten up my mind````nice style!

Michael Bantigue said...

Always love reading your blog at the end of the day - it exhibits what so many lack - restraint.


Trench coat boutique said...

Love, love the red. Red is so gorgeous and brings such color to a room.