happy cows come from california

from ph:
dylan coulter

les concerts a emporter


vincent moon

love the aesthetic
the lingering vérité

ps: the troubadours,
strolling minstrels of
everything I love
about music

1. patrick watson
2. fleet foxes
3. arcade


YHBHS said...

i love blogotheque... such a fun site to watch the performances.

all the best!
david john

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

I love blogotheque .... the bon iver ones are really good and bowerbirds too - there is one where bon iver are wandering around the streets singing and playing and no-one is taking any notice! I went to see them play in Bristol last year, with bowerbirds supporting them. It was such a good gig, but I'd love to see them in the street. fleet foxes are brilliant too.

Anonymous said...

yeah i love La Blogothèque...really wish i had thought it up first! ;) my av by far is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ltvjOj9m-c

Melissa~ said...

blogotheque is the best thing on the world!
fleet foxes the best!
I really like the cow
visit my blog! thanks~