point anywhere...and shoot.

this photo
right now.

and you?

what speaks
to you at this
very moment?


Grace said...

That first photo is simply beautiful.


Anonymous said...

oh i love point and shoot cameras...
at this moment...i think it would be the magic of hands...or...how beautiful people look when they are caught up in the moment and just working...complete focus.


Wonderful blog - great stuff - beautiful photographs and so creative!

Matt. Tara. Addi. Roslyn. said...

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Henry Casey aka WithAPassion.com said...


That photo, reverse the genders, that's what I'm about right now.

YHBHS said...

i love her work... this photo haas my mind in knots!



all the best!
beautiful blog as ususal.

david john.

John said...

I thought she was trying to read a black postcard. (sent by Andre Breton).

Nick Sung said...

that's funny, this was mine:


nikkole! said...

and all her stuff

nikkole! said...

did you get this comment from me http://www.artnet.com/artwork/425662616/3276240/asako-narahashi-yunohama-from-the-series-half-awake-and-half-asleep-in-the-water.html

Rebecca said...



Cerré said...

Thank you for sharing these images with me. It's so inspiring to see new work, fresh images. thank you so much. it made my day. PS: I'm completely transfixed by Jen Davis's work via Nikkole.

keep sending more!


Make it Easy said...

that first picture reminds me of a still from a sofia coppola film

Carrie said...

snjezana josipovic's photos are really beautiful: http://snjezanajosipovic.com/

famapa said...

love that saul leiter pic!

this is me right now:


love the story behind the project too. nicole took a picture of a stranger's window and then went back at a later date and asked if she was allowed to shoot the interior too. just wonderful.

HEART ME said...

i love this photo did you take it?

love love love**********

april mae

Anonymous said...

the ocean