a good palm oasis

took these
b&w in baja

a friend just sent
me a nice photo of a
print he bought at
this yard sale

i could go for
an oasis right now.
it's 90 degrees in nyc.

fyi, this is not an oasis

ps: I didn't realize
"my faith in architecture"
would cause such a stir.
rad! i like it!


Jana FitzGerald said...

this is breathtaking.

this reminds me of the Indian Canyon, a beautiful oasis of palm trees and desert and lizards in my home town of Palm Springs, California.

Que Bella, Las Palmas.

Jana FitzGerald said...

p.s. pictures like that in gawker may seem like relative paradise, but to me it looks miserable.

why am i moving to new york and not to a wonderful and lush la-la land?

LettertoJane said...

Great post I love those photos!

Anonymous said...

i love palm trees. when i was a child and first saw one, i thought it was a realllllllly big pineapple! ;)) (although olive trees and cyprus trees...make my heart skip a beat now...)

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

beautiful black & whites of baja ... and yeah, your faith in architecture debate makes for good reading .. I keep popping back to read what's new.

we put some new furniture on our website today, hope you like it.