antwerpen a house  by Loraine@grijs.

i must go to antwerp

antwerp house 2018 by Loraine@grijs.

digging the
3 window scheme

ph: grijs


t. said...

me toooo

mike said...

yea! antwerp is totally rad. i went there recently with my girlfriend (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahmlaw/collections/72157616360386872/)

we stayed here - http://www.boulevard-leopold.be/- you should stay here

Jana FitzGerald said...

yea...antwerp is very cool! belgian design is so scrumptious and clean and just right. i feel like this particular aesthetic seems too often replicated, but never to any avail. for instance, the first image could easily belong in manhattan, but it would perhaps seem a bit out of place. i'm not sure. ever since the 80s, though, antwerp has really has been, as they say, killing it.

zuzù said...

you have to go.and drink something oldfashioned in the bauhaus bar on the left side of the cathedral.

homemade said...

it is the most inspirational of european cities, neither french nor dutch but a perfect amalgamation of the two with it's own unique identity.
You would love it, the style of the city is so individual, amazing vintage stores cheek by jowl with anne demeulemeester and dries van noten among many others.
It's small enough to wander about by foot.
My husband recently had a solo show at Steiglitz 49 a new independent photography gallery.
and they also have an amazing national gallery and photography museum. It is now my favorite european city by far.

Anonymous said...

me three!

Babelfish said...

Look so cosmopolitan and beautiful!

Unknown said...

can only echo the comments above....i'm lucky enough to visit antwerp 2 or 3 times a year with work, and it's one of my favourite european cities....so laid back, so chic, so much history, just so lovely
the hotel mentioned above looks lovely, but i've also stayed here....http://www.dewittelelie.be/en/index.html...which is also a great hotel
hope you get to visit soon

Anonymous said...

you would love antwerp. it's obvious. my husband and i got engaged in antwerp. it is something special. and the belgians are so beautiful. blue eyes and brown hair and a certain earthiness. i second the suggestion to stay at dewittelelie.