place little succulents on your desk


like kate sennert
via coacd

and feeling for...

1. the long tracking shot
in this 1991 massive attack video.
Shara's dress has that late 80's
japanese look to it. so good.
...watch what happens
behind her.

2. old town via mchl
a bit dreary?

3. backyard bill

oh no.
i have a 4th

4. up the river


juliet small ernst said...

i am looking at a little succulent on my desk right now!

they are the best.

seesaw designs said...

succulents make me happy.

Gretchen said...

they are so juicy... if you ever need any guidance choosing these plants, check out: http://web.me.com/zonagardens/Site/Blog/Blog.html
the man knows his succulents.

homemade said...

I love the Massive attack video too. It hasn't dated at all which adds to it's appeal. Do you know the 5 minute tracking shot in the film Atonement? The Dunkirk scene on the beach which was shot in the north east of England. DOP masterpiece..

Rynke Sangers said...

Lovely desk