saul steinberg

guess what!
got a free tix to
the daily show


i need some
comic relief

in life...and in design.


Anonymous said...

What a kick! Laughter is a great healer!Enjoy! GC

Laura said...

i love Saul Steinberg, but i never saw these designs. how cool.

congrats on going to the Daily Show!

Erica Kelly said...

so fun!

@daily show - luckky!

Anonymous said...

Hysterical! lynnda

Janis said...

I love your blog! I am always amazed at the interesting things you come up with. This is a real treasure - thanks.

Michelle said...

AHHH, how cool! aren't they always free? We had some once, and went and sat there for hours and then decided we couldn't take it any more, it was summer time, and loud and gross...I hope your experience is much MUCH better!!!!!

shelbyisms said...

I really love the bathtub. It's genius.

Gretchen said...

so good! your posts are always delightful.


Anonymous said...

Me too...thanks for sharing!