I think this is beautiful

do you?

Hipódromo La Rinconada
arch: Arthur Froehlich
Caracas, Venezeula

I like Hipó because...
It's newly renovated yet doesn't
have that intense overambitious vibe of
most new architecture. It's not trying
to exceed our expectations or execute
tons of ideas, tricks, over-thought-out
abstract jargon.

Its simply playing with the basics:

space, form, function

Timeless standards.
As carried out by the Romans,
Egyptians, Mayans...Le Corbusier.

There is strong energy
in this Hipódromo racetrack.
Everything is in the right place.
When architecture is so clear, so
tangible, so literal, so defined,
no explanation is required.
it feels right.
it just is.

i over think things.

I have to remember this in life.
there's that pressure to outdo the rest,
to make the best painting, record, film...
that pressure to think way outside-the-box,
man, it just leads to complication and dishonesty.
a missed connection with the audience.

slow and steady
it's all about the A B C's.
And being comfortable in our own skin
with what we know, what feels honest to us.
maybe that's the best way to step forward.

photo credit:
World of Interiors
ph: antoine baralhe


Anonymous said...

lee, your one very wise woman.

Matthew said...

I like it too, but do really mean to say that something built in the 1950s is "newly built"?

Cerré said...

Thanks for the correction! my mistake.

Anonymous said...

you seem to be attempting to articulate a concept of authenticity rather than artifice... Is that your aim?... [And to digress: I disagree with what you term the "basics"--color, space, form--since, if we are discussing architecture, I would think form and function are more apt, and that color has nothing whatsoever to do with architecture per se; and space is too varied from structure to structure to be considered a "basic" consideration]...

to be continued...

Cerré said...

That is a really good point. you articulate it way better than me. I going to change " color" to function b/c is so dependent on aesthetic...and can be quite subjective.

Horse Hunting said...

great images. thanks.

Anonymous said...

well, at least you can set the table.

simplicity works at any age.

felicity said...

you are so right. A nice little reminder for me...